Ejecución de estudios y diseños de instalaciones, redes y sistemas para proyectos del sector institucional, industrial y de vivienda, en las siguientes especialidades:
We offer the possibility to elaborate technical studies and designs of installations, networks and systems in the institutional, industrial and residential sector, in the following specialties:
  • diseno apcElectrical, BT and MT installations
  • Voice and data
  • Hydraulic installations
  • Security and control infraestructure
  • Power quality studies and protection systems
These studies and designs are carried out in compliance with the parameters defined by the relevant authorities and enterprises, national and international laws and standards, among which the following are highlighted:
  • NTC 2050
  • NTC 1500
  • NFPA
  • IEEE
  • ANSI
We also offer design and sizing services for renewable energy systems (solar PV, solar thermal, hydro, wind, geothermal, cogeneration), producing technical specifications as well as economic projections, using the following software packages:
  • Polysun
  • PVsyst
  • Homer
  • Retscreen