Solar Photovoltaic and Applications - BAPV (Building Applied PhotoVoltaics)

fotovoltaica hacienda santa elisa1Solar photovoltaic (PV) is based on the conversion of energy contained in solar radiation into electrical power, using photovoltaic modules. This is made possible by means of the photovoltaic effect, which takes place in the semiconductor material of the solar cell.

GIE S.A.S makes an estimation of the available potential according to the location and orientation parameters of the site, using specialized software meant for PV system sizing. The outputs of this analysis include estimated energy yield and performance ratio, considering not only site considerations but also albedo, wind conditions, temperature, losses at the BOS components, mismatch and shading losses, among other relevant parameters.
GIE S.A.S executes feasibility studies, project planning, engineering of the solution, installation and start-up, system monitoring, component and replacement part sales, fine tuning and Operation and Maintenance of the PV system.
Benefits of solar energy:
  • Fixed energy cost - avoid paying for increased utility tariffs
  • Generate your own clean energy 
  • Achieve true energy independency
  • Own a system with low maintenance requirements

  • Electrification of rural households
  • Water supply for communities Suministro de agua a poblaciones
  • Water pumping and irrigation
  • Telecommunications: signal repeaters, mobile communications
  • Water treatment: desalinization, chlorination, hydrolisis
  • Signage and public lighting
  • Grid connection to achieve energy savings
  • Satellite-controlled systems and fire detection