Power Quality

Every integrated energy project must be conceived under the concept of achieving adequate power and energy quality, which serves as a guarantee that energy is delivered with a stable, reliable voltage to ensure correct operation of loads and electronics.

Included in the scope of a Power Quality Analysis, GIE S.A.S performs a detailed inspection of the electrical infrastructure based on NFPA-RETIE and NTC2050 benchmarks, including the following activities:

  • Measurement of active and reactive power, as well as power factor. A report with recommendations is delivered
  • Measurement of illuminance parameters with a recommendations report
  • Detection of electrical perturbations (harmonics, voltage surplus, high frequency disturbance, etc). Filters are installed to eliminate identified system noise and perturbations
  • Insulation testing
  • Measurement of insulation resistivity
  • Energy savings assessment (for equipment and installations)
  • Measurement of ground resistivity and lightning rods

Power quality - objectives, benefits and profit:
  • Increased MTBF in electrical installations
  • An integrated design is implemented
  • Operation costs are reduced, due to the level of protection offered by the electric system, while optimizing all energy processes with savings and quality
  • Maintenance policies are cheaper due to high quality of equipment and high MTBF
  • Equipment and project lifetimes are increased
  • Ease of operation of equipment makes capacitation of personnel easier, with the added benefit of simplified maintenance