Energy Savings COmpanies  - ESCO -
They are companies that provide energy savings or energy efficiency services and measures for a particular project or installation, incurring in a certain degree of risk while doing so. The payment of the services provided is based (partially or totally) on the savings achieved, as well as on other convened performance metrics.
Contract types:
  • Shared savings
  • escoGuaranteed savings
  • Non-guaranteed savings
  • Combination of those described above
Funding schemes:
  • Funding with private capital
  • Conventional loans
  • Leasing
What kind of organizations implement ESCO models?
  • Those that lack experience in the technology they wish to implement
  • Those who lack the available or qualified human capital to implement energy projects and identification of savings opportunities
  • Those that lack budget or funding options for energy efficiency investments
  • Those that need to become competitive in a short time scope to remain market-worthy
  • Those that wish to show active investment of resources in savings to their headquarters/parent companies