Energy Audits

Energy savings and efficiency are important challenges that must be tackled in the years to come. In order to do so while improving competitiveness, several strategies and tools must be implemented to introduce significant improvements, technological advacement and better energy consumption patterns.

Every enterprise, wether it is industrial or servie providers, large or small, must reflect on wether their installations and processes respond to an optimized design from the energy point of view. An adequate energy management polocy leads to efficienct energy use, and therefore, reduced energy costs.

An energy audit must be a part of the programs and energy efficiency plans of any company. Said plans must encompass actions guided towards achieveing maximum efficiency in terms of energy use, high savings and the creation of knowledge and conciousness about one's own energy use.

Methodology for Energy Auditing at GIE S.A.S (Spanish only):

metodología auditorías energéticas