Cogeneration (CHP)

Due to the constant need of improving energy efficiency in industries, a number of agreements between the ANDI and the UPME to promote studies and financing mechanisms for energy projects have been developed. We are taking advantage of these tools to present innovative project ideas, specially in the field of cogeneration.

The ANDI is heavy promoting CHP (Combined Heat and Power) systems in the country for industrial use. A great deal of effort has been put towards enterpreneurs becoming familiar with the technology and it's advantages. With cogeneration, excessthermal energy from processes can be further converted into useful heat or power, increasin overall plant efficiency and reducing operation costs.

Cogeneration schemes do not benefit enterpreneurs alone; it has a positive environmental impact, due to the fact that a byproduct of processes (emission gases from thermal generators) is being used as an aditional power source, reducing exhaust temperatures and thus having a lesser effect on global warming.

CHP can be defined as the simultaneous production of electrical power and high quality thermal energy. A cogeneration project has multiple benefits for the industry, including high plant effiency, lower emission rates, smaller carbon footprint and an increases power reliability.