Energy Efficiency

GIE S.A.S offers this service with the objective of providing an effective energy management and savings tool that reresents an integrated energy solution for the customer, that guarantees energy savings, while the client remains focused on it's core business and increases competitiveness.
Diagram EE

What is the objective?

To provide energy managament tools and servicies that increase competitiveness.
What products and services do we offer?

  • World-class energy efficient technology
  • Capacitation services in energy efficiency, savings, and renewable production
  • Reduced operation and maintenance costs
  • Planning to minimize risks in a volatile world energy market (adaptation models)
  • Establishment of an Energy Consumption and Cost System (indicators for management and decision making)
  • Capacitation for the human capital involved in the energy management system
  • Reduction in energy expenses
  • Reduced emission levels
  • Conservation of non-renewable resources
  • Implementation of new technologies with high efficiencies and alternative power generation
  • Complements the company's quality certification system, Colombian Technical Norm NTC 50001
  • For LEED certification, helps achieve Energy and Atmosphere credits for green building projects
  • Increased productivity, competitiveness and utility margins