Conventional Energy

Design - Detail Engineering - Acquisitions - Construction and Project Management
For more than 15 years, GIE SAS has developed electrical projects in Low and Mid Voltage with the highest quality standards available.
Our customers include Government bodies, Industry, Shopping Malls, Logistics Centers, Hotels, Sports Clubs, Pumping Systems, Municipal and Agricultural, among others.

Our company has been involved in virtually all segments that require the installation of systems for electrical power supply, such as:
  • Electrical networks (subsurface and above ground) for industrial and commercial complexes
  • Electrical networks for rural electrification
  • Municipal and indutrial public lighting systems
  • Substations and electrical lines
  • Industrial and commercial installations, for both power and illumination
  • Electric projects and formalities with the energy service provider
  • Energy saving projects
  • Factibility assessment
  • Our objective is to deliver an integrated quality service to our customers