Solar Pumping Project Published in Water Currents de NatGeo

Foto NatGeo Bombeo Solar 1

Water Currents is part of the National Geographic Society and is responsible for promoting and discussing about the consumption, care and restoration of drinking water worldwide. The article written by Mireya Mayor called "Water, Wildlife and Hope: Rejuvenating to Kogi Sacred Site" refers to the project built for the supply of drinking water for irrigation and human consumption for the Kogi community in Dibulla, Guajira. GIE was part of this project in the supply, installation and commissioning of a solar pump with capacity of 8 m3 / day taking water from the Jérez River and pumping it to the settlement Jaba Tañiwashkaka, 1.3 km away from the river. This project was part of the construction of the respective aqueduct and water treatment system that benefited so much this community that previously had to transport the water in buckets from the river and did not have any system of water potabilization.

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