Success Story: Hybrid PV System

2016 04 03 13.40.26
The current energy situation in Colombia and projections, combined with a complex and not-so-favorable economic situation in the country has once again opened the door to the possibility of having nationwide programmed energy cutouts. Energy rationing represents a loss of productivity and comfort for the user. In 1992 Colombia underwent a similar energy crisis, which in turn resulted in many users opting for acquiring diesel plants to supply their energy demand and avoid production loss. In March 2016 the price of backup diesel plants is already soaring, with a 25% increase in prices.

Twentyfour yeats have passed since that crisis, and fortunately, today there are several options for the user that wishes backup power in a sustainable way. GIE developed and implemented it's first PV hybrid system installed in Chia (outskirts of Bogota) for a financial services company that cannot allow itself to have it's digitial platform offline. This system uses solar power to charge a battery bank and, under normal conditions, feed the remaining energy to the grid. In case of grid failure, the batteries provide backup power for a period of 6 hours to the main loads of the company, namenly the main rack and some computing equipment to sustain the load until the grid normality is restored.

This solution is now available for residential, commercial and small-industry users. We are commited to boosting the competitiveness of enterprises, and this solution is a part of our commitment.

 Renewables Project Director GIE SAS